The Traveling Saddle™

The Traveling Saddle™
Our Harmony Western Dressage saddle and Harmony Western Agility Saddle™ will be traveling across the country to future Equestrian Events for participants to be able to have trial rides on these one of a kind saddles.

The difference that this saddle makes will be felt and seen by the horse and rider.

In addition to the Events, we will send The Traveling Saddle™ directly to you, so you can experience this truly unique saddle.

We will also send along a Harmony Fit Pad™, Pad Liner and girth with the Traveling Saddle - ready to ride!

Please contact us to set up your Traveling Saddle™ time at

*Requirements & Terms*

Our Traveling Saddle™ requires a security deposit of $3695 to be authorized-only on your credit card, but not an actual charge to your account. We discourage debit cards as financial institutions may withdraw the funds to hold versus an authorization.

You will be responsible for return or forward shipping via insured Postal Service with direct delivery, tracking & signature delivery confirmation services after 7 days of receiving the saddle. We recommend the United States Postal Service as the most economical shipping choice. The forward shipping cost averages $200 more or less, depending on the carrier service you choose to work with.

***Please contact us for return or forward shipping instructions prior to the end of your trial period***

The Traveling Saddle™ is not new, it has had many great rides on many great horses. It has some bumps and scratches, please try to take the best care of it you can while it is visiting you and your horse.

The current Traveling Saddle features our standard, wide tree and extra-wide tree with our S1 seat sizing and our standard stirrup length which accommodates petite legs to long legs. Measurements from center of seat down to stirrup are 28 1/2" to 37".

Please contact us to determine which tree style would best suit your horse.

Please inspect the saddle upon arrival to you and notify us immediately of any areas of damage or concern regarding the condition of The Traveling Saddle™.

Please make sure the saddle is forwarded/returned in the same condition which it was received. Any damage incurred to the saddle during the trial time will be addressed upon forward/return. Any compensation for damage incurred will be addressed and an appropriate charge will be agreed upon and applied at the time of return.

The term for the trial is 7 days. If the saddle is not shipped within 7 days after delivery, an overtime charge of $25 per day will be charged to your account.

Once The Traveling Saddle™ has reached it's next destination in the same condition which it was received, the $3695 authorization will be removed from your credit card.

Please use the link below to set up your Traveling Saddle™ Reservation and also to agree to The Traveling Saddle™ requirements and terms described above. Your security authorization will be applied just prior to your scheduled shipping date.