Harmony Saddle F.A.Q's

Q - Is the saddle produced and assembled in the USA? Have just seen a well-known USA saddle company where they assemble the saddles in China.

A -  All American - from the hides & the tree produced in the USA, to the hands creating the saddle in the USA, all of the saddle trim options made in USA & the US postal service that starts the transit for delivery. The quality and attention to detail is second to none on our Harmony saddle line.

Our American made Harmony Western Dressage Saddles™ are now being used in just about every western riding discipline across the nation, in addition to western dressage. They can also be found in every Canadian Province, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway & New Zealand.


Q - What type of leather do you use?

A - The Harmony Western Dressage Saddle™ is made from No. 1 Best Quality graded, full grain, environmentally friendly leather, tanned in vegetable extracts for long lasting character, drum dyed to obtain deep uniform color and hot stuffed with the right combination of oil, wax and grease to produce leathers that retain color and enduring supple qualities - all processed and handled completely in the USA.

The gorgeous color of our saddles absolutely will not run or rub off. Each drum of dyed leather has its own unique characteristics and colors – no two drums of dyed leather are ever the same.

**Leather is a natural product; grain pattern and color will vary from hide to hide.

Full grain comes from the top layer of the hide which has all of the grain, pores and even hair follicles. The natural surface of full grain leather burnishes and beautifies with use. The hides may have a few small scars and imperfections, but those just lend a tremendous amount of character to it. Some rare hides even have parts of the cow's brand.

Before the tanning process, the hides are soaked for re hydration. Much like our skin, full grain or any type of natural leather should be cared for over time to retain the natural luster and health of the hide. You can use conditioners and cleaners and won't need to oil them to keep them soft. The naturally tanned leather also means that no painting or doctoring of the leather has been done to hide or disguise blemishes.

Our saddles are not only beautiful and functional, they are tough.

Ride it hard - these beauties are built to last a lifetime!


Q - What type of leather care do you recommend?

A - There are so many wonderful products available for leather care and conditioning. Two of our favorites are Saddler's One-Step Conditioner for all over cleaning and conditioning and Saddler's Leather Preservative for the back side of the fenders to help prevent sweat stains. *Not for use on suede seats*


Q - Can you give me an idea of the weight of the saddle?

A - The Harmony Western Dressage Saddle™ weighs 35 lbs and the Harmony Light Saddle™ weighs 28 lbs.

The elastomer tree and the sil-cush technology that makes this saddle so unique, adds to the weight in addition to the heavier best quality graded US steer hides we use. This saddle is built to last a lifetime and provide a lifetime of comfortable pressure free support for your horse.

Wooden trees with fleece liners and thin or synthetic leather are lighter, but you lose the moldable, comfortable and proven support that the elastomer tree and sil-cush lining provide (picking up a sheet of plywood compared to picking up a rubber stall mat). Numerous digital pressure mapping trials and feedback from our customers and friends have confirmed this. 

Think about yourself walking, or even trying to dance in wooden shoes versus performing aerobic exercises in a great pair of athletic shoes. 

We certainly can appreciate 35 pounds being too much for some riders.  We have developed the Harmony Light Western Saddle™ which weighs in at 28 pounds - without compromising the technology that makes this saddle so unique.


Q - What is the difference of the Harmony saddle tree & traditional western saddle trees?

A - Our saddle tree is composed of a rigid fork and cantle assembled together with elastomer bars that move with the horse (Not a "flex tree"). The bars are molded of a specially developed elastomer - a material similar to a strong, rubber like work boot sole.

The rigid fork and cantle are necessary to prevent pinching and spine irritation caused by tree spread or flattening which can happen with flex-tree and treeless saddles.

The Harmony's flexible, molded bars have just the right amount of flare to allow for unrestricted movement of the horses shoulders and hips - while still providing equal distribution of weight down the horses back. Weight Watchers not needed here.

The clear tunnel design also provides absolute total spine clearance for the horse, free from any pressure.


Q - I have a very short backed horse, can you give me the measurement of the length of the saddle?

A - The bars of our tree measure 21", total length is 24 inches for our round skirt model and 26 inches for our butterfly skirt. Perfect for short backed horses and large ponies too.


Q - What are the tree width measurements?

A - Our standard tree measures 6 3/4" at the gullet, our wide tree measures 7 1/2" and our extra-wide tree measures 8". With the sil-cush technology and the elastomer tree, the Harmony saddle supports and adjusts either way for a pressure free fit.


Q -  Is there a Flare on the front of the tree? 

A - Yes, there is flare on the front of the bars & slight flare at the rear. The Harmony saddle was originally developed for gaited horses (that wiggle when they walk) by Foxtrot USA. It was so well received by the multiple breed horses that are taking part in the growing sport of western dressage, Western Dressage Riding Gear took the reins of this fine saddle.


Q - What are the saddle bar spread measurements?

A - Our saddle bar spread is unique in the fact that it does follow the horses shape, 12 3/4" in front tapering slightly wider to the back 13 1/4". Take a moment to carefully view a birds eye view of your horses back. This will visually & clearly show why bar spreads that measure the same in front and in back are not realistic.


Q - What about the seat & twist measurements?

A -Traditional western saddle seat measurements are taken from the base of the horn to the point of where the seat leather meets the saddle leather.

Our measurements are taken from the base of the horn to the base of the seat and then tapered up to the point of the cantle where the seat leather meets the saddle leather. It is available in 3 sizes:

S1, measures 13" up to 16" S2, measures 14" up to 17" S3, measures 15" up to 18"

Our higher cantle, aligned seat style with central stirrup position places you in a classical position with your ankles under your hips - versus traditional western saddles that have the fenders forward to create a chair seat which has room for the upper thigh in the seat area too.

We use memory foam cushioning in our saddle's seat. Memory foam softens in reaction to body heat allowing it to mold to the rider's seat for every ride, providing extra cushion & comfort. Perfect for tender seat bones, long sessions in the saddle and to afford the rider the same comfort that the underside of the Harmony Western Dressage Saddle™ affords the horse.

Our saddle has a narrow to medium twist, measuring at 5” that tapers off slowly to allow the hip joint and upper thigh to move freely. The slight amount of rise from the pommel creates a centered seat style to further help the rider with balanced body alignment.

We like to say that the Harmony Western Dressage Saddle™ has a “female friendly” seat, however our Gentlemen riders love this saddle just as much as our ladies!

Our saddle’s seat at the widest point is 14”, this provides great support for the female pelvis which is wider than the male pelvis, this also provides a great base for all seat bones.


Q - What does the term Ground Seat mean?

A - The ground seat is a very important, but not visible part of your saddle.

Factory assembled saddles can have fiberglass, polymer or steel infused, rigid ground seats that are fastened on the saddle tree - assembly line style. This rigid style ground seat can transmit a rigid communication down to your horses back.

The Harmony Western Dressage Saddle™ ground seats are hand laid with multiple layers of leather carefully positioned, shaped, curved & sloped with each layer to match the pelvic tilt of an aligned rider. This provides a superior natural seat that allows for better performance & increased rider comfort.

Fiberglass, rigid polymer or steel shoes for my foot? I think not!


Q - I rode in the Traveling Saddle, I love this saddle, it fit my horse great! The only thing is it seemed to tip forward where I needed to adjust my pelvis to set me back on my seat bones. What would be doing that ?

A - Traditional western saddles have the stirrup fenders placed in front of the hips for a "chair seat" position. Reining, cow work, fast action sports with quick moves and fast stopping makes this seat desirable, for the need to have legs in front for deep seat and locked -in stopping action.

The Harmony saddle has the stirrup fenders placed below the hips to achieve the classical aligned balanced rider position; ears over hips - hips over ankles. This alignment with free swinging fenders allows you to maintain true balance of your seat while freely moving your leg to support the horses hip movements as well as shoulder work without having to struggle against a locked in chair seat position.

The stirrups placed under your hips instead of in front of your hips will change the angle of your pelvis slightly. Compare sitting on a desk chair to that of sitting on a bicycle seat.


Q - What is the length measurement of the stirrup adjustments?

A - The stirrup length on our Harmony Western Dressage Saddle™ is adjustable from very petite to long legged riders. The measurement from the center of the saddle seat to the top of the stirrup bed measures 28 1/2" to 37". We also offer custom stirrup length and fender sizing based on your inseam with adjustments higher and lower based on your measurement.


Q - Are the saddles really individually hand built?

A - Yes, no assembly line production here! Each saddle is made one at a time as they are ordered, they are a true work of art. Every Harmony Western Dressage Saddle™ is stamped with the day it was completed on the underside.

Your saddle's very own unique birth day, that no other saddle will share.


Q - I have been comparing saddle warranty information. I have found out that designer brand saddles only offer 1 to 5 year warranty on their saddle parts, and limited warranty on their trees. What is your saddle warranty information?

A - We are so proud of outstanding quality of The Harmony Western Dressage Saddle™ that we offer a full lifetime tree, material and workmanship guarantee to the original purchaser of our Harmony saddles.

We can offer this type of warranty because each saddle is made one at a time with expert attention and care. From the inside out, we know the true quality of our saddles and stand behind them 100%.


Q - Do you ship Internationally?

A - Yes we do! You can find the Harmony Western Dressage Saddle™ in Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand as well as the United States. We welcome all suggestions and requests for any shipping company.  We have found USPS to be the most economical for the International orders. Please contact us for International shipping quotes