Foxtrot USA

Foxtrot USA
Over the years Bud and Tori Blankenship have paired up hundreds of Fox Trotters with owners nationwide, through customer referrals and through their web sites.

As the Missouri Fox Trotter gained popularity so did the demand for high quality tack that actually fits, along with a desire to be able to talk to a knowledgeable person on the other end of a phone line when placing orders for event specific tack and supplies.

Disappointed with the variety of equine event specific products that were available, and in the lack of knowledge when dealing with other suppliers, whose items did not fit to start with - Bud & Tori started Foxtrot USA Tack & Supply in 2002.

Throughout the years Foxtrot USA had developed specialty saddles for the gaited horse. In 2013 the Harmony Western Saddle™ was developed by Foxtrot USA. What turned out to be the perfect choice for our athletic-in-motion Fox Trotting horses - is the perfect choice for every breed of athletic horses worldwide.

This amazing Harmony Western Saddle™ can now be found on countless breeds of athletic horses, every discipline in the US, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Australia and New Zealand. The list continues to grow.

Now, in 2024, we are proud to be celebrating our 22nd year and are looking forward to helping you with all of your riding needs. Give us a call and let us know what you are searching for!

Be sure to check back often for updates to our Harmony Western Saddle™ product line.

For our Foxtrotter friends, If you are looking for:

Foxtrotter Browband, Noseband & Caveson Sets – Mane Ribbons & Rosettes – Aluminum Performance Bits – Or Anything Foxtrotter, please contact us for your breed specialty needs.

We look forward to talking with you!