Harmony Western Agility Saddle™

Harmony Western Agility Saddle™
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Product Description

Harmony Western Agility Saddle™
"Would you rather perform your aerobic routine in wooden shoes custom carved for your feet, or a great pair of super-light athletic shoes developed for moving continual support?"

The Harmony Western Agility Saddle™ is the difference - weighing in at 28 pounds.

The Harmony Western Agility Saddle™ features the same amazing tree & support technology, material and craftsmanship of our Harmony Western Light Saddle™ - hand made one at a time, with expert attention to every detail from our 3rd generation custom Master Saddle Crafter.

What makes the Agility unique is the hand laid, deep hammock style seat. This design provides a super secure base for the rider to be able to change the body's position quickly and easily, while not compromising their balance and security in the saddle.

The low profile fork design provides freedom for upper body positioning while working obstacles, jumping, archery, placing pole work and everything in between - from a walk to a full on gallop with confidence.

With the Sil-Cush technology, hybrid molded elastomer tree, expert hands on attention from our Master Saddle Crafter, traditional & Center Fire rigging options, deep memory foam padded seat, centered style stirrup placement with free swinging fenders this may just be the Perfect Saddle, for any riding discipline!