Harmony Fit Diamond Wool Black Gold 1" Pad

Harmony Fit Diamond Wool Black Gold 1" Pad
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Product Description

Contoured 100% high density wool felt pad 1" thick with a deep cutback wither relief notch & oversized distressed wear leathers. This Black Gold pad is extremely durable with a distinct look all it's own.

Measurements are 33" wide x 28" long to fit the line of our Harmony round skirt perfectly.

Pure high density wool 1" pads offer 3x more compression and 4x greater wicking ability protection than synthetic pads.

While synthetics only trap moisture between the fibers, wool absorbs moisture away from your horse and insulates against both cold and heat. Since moisture absorption and release are gradual, wool is slow to feel damp and does not chill your horse by too rapid drying. In short, wool breathes.

Wool is an amazingly strong fiber composed of protein that grows with a crimped wavy form, providing excellent properties of elasticity and resilience.

This resilient fiber is long wearing and has the ability to retain shape, drape well, and resist wrinkling due to natural elasticity. Wool cleans easily and will not soil or stain like synthetics because this unequaled structure withstands dirt penetration.

The felting process increases the strength, durability and shock absorbency of wool felt. This process also allows your pad to conform to the shape of your horses back to provide soft protection, for both horse and rider in the years to come.

The perfect pad for our perfect saddle!