Saddler's One Step 16 ounce

Saddler's One Step 16 ounce

Product Description

Saddler's One Step Leather Cleaner & Conditioner is a Total Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. It will protect and restore used and new leather items for years to come. Fast, one-step process both cleans and restores leather's natural oils. Spray or wipe on - wipe off, the job is done!

• Removes and prevents most stains

• Keeps leather soft, supple and water-resistant

• Helps stop and prevent mold and mildew

Can be used for tack, saddles, harnesses, boots, shoes, leather gloves and more. Not recommended for suede leather.

Contains no petroleum by-products to crack or dry leather; leaves no oily film. Won't leave any build-up in stitches or seams. A little goes a long way. Smells fresh and clean. Biodegradable formula.

"""This is the best leather cleaner and conditioner we've ever used. After 25 years of trying different products Saddlers is still the easiest and performs beautifully. The smell is clean and pleasant and not over powering. It can restore old leather (as long as there are no cracks or splits). It also great for new leather regardless of your climate. We've lived in very dry and very humid climates and it performs well in all conditions. If your in a dry climate you need to use it more often than in humidity. With humidity you need to make sure to wipe and dry completely so mold has no place to grow. Saddlers can be used for leather furniture, belts, purses, boots, saddles; any leather that you own. While living in Hawaii we would buy it by the case load due to high shipping costs. It's that good"""