Leather Side Pull With Reins

Leather Side Pull With Reins

Product Description

Fine quality bridle leather sidepull with a doubled and stitched nose and 5/8" bit buckle end looped center buckle reins. Very adjustable to fit a wide variety of breeds and varied sizes. Sidepulls are a great training tool and can be used on any age horse to re-establish proper bend and balance. They are also WDAA legal per their rule book and are a great alternative to using a bit in many cases.


Browband 16"

From rein ring up over the poll to rein ring on other side -longest 49" shortest 40"

Throat latch from split at brow to split on other side - longest 28-1/2" shortest 24-1/2"

Noseband across from rein ring to rein ring 13-1/2" with adjustable jaw strap